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Supporte Models List

X200 Dual Sim

X300 Dual Sim

BTX330 Dual Sim

X90 Dual Sim

SX80 Dual Sim

X150 Dual Sim

QX60 Dual Sim

BX40 Dual Sim

X70 Dual Sim

X500 Dual Sim

T530 Dual Sim

QSX400 Dual Sim

X760 Dual Sim

X780 Dual Sim

AX410 Android Dual Sim

S200 Senior Phone

SP100 Senior Phone

Auro 1010 Senior Phone

S40 Senior Phone

S180 Senior Phone

QX582 Glamour 2

X580 Glamour



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Codes are Originally From Database 

No Verification in Any Case 



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